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Ni–Co Selenide Nanosheet/3D Graphene/Nickel Foam Binder-Free Electrode for High-Performance Supercapacitor

Wang, Yixuan, Zhang, Weijie, Guo, Xinli, Jin, Kai, Chen, Zhongtao, Liu, Yuanyuan, Yin, Liangliang, Li, Long, Yin, Kuibo, Sun, Litao, Zhao, Yuhong
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019 v.11 no.8 pp. 7946-7953
capacitance, cobalt, electrochemistry, electrodes, energy, foams, graphene, nickel, vapors
Transition-metal selenide electrodes have recently attracted increasing interest in supercapacitors resulting from their superior electrochemical performance, lower-cost, and environmental friendliness. Herein, we report a novel bimetallic Ni–Co selenide nanosheet/three-dimensional (3D) graphene/nickel foam binder-free electrode (NiCo₂.₁Se₃.₃ NSs/3D G/NF) prepared via chemical vapor deposition followed by a simple two-step hydrothermal process in this paper. The NiCo₂.₁Se₃.₃ NSs array vertically on 3D G/NF with a uniform and stable structure without using any chemical binders. This novel electrode is flexible, highly conductive, and exhibits an excellent specific capacitance of ∼742.4 F g–¹ at 1 mA cm–². Furthermore, with a 10-fold increase to 10 mA cm–², it still retains 471.78 F g–¹ and a high cycling stability of ∼83.8% of the initial retention after 1000 cycles at 10 mA cm–², demonstrating that NiCo₂.₁Se₃.₃ NSs/3D G/NF binder-free electrode has potential for energy storage application in high-performance supercapacitor fields.