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Bimetal–Organic Framework-Derived Porous Rodlike Cobalt/Nickel Nitride for All-pH Value Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution

Feng, Xiaogeng, Wang, Haixu, Bo, Xiangjie, Guo, Liping
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019 v.11 no.8 pp. 8018-8024
catalysts, cobalt, cost effectiveness, electrochemistry, hydrogen production, nickel, nitrides, pH, porous media, renewable energy sources
Developing advanced hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) electrocatalysts is of great significance. Herein, we report porous rodlike cobalt–nickel bimetal nitrides (CoₓNiyN) as high-efficiency HER electrocatalysts in a wide pH range through nitridation from a bimetal–organic framework (MOF-74) precursor. Thanks to collaborative superiorities of high surface areas, abundant mesoporous structure, perfect metal element dispersion, and electron modulation effect, the as-prepared CoₓNiyN possess a superior catalytic ability toward HER at all pH values. In particular, the optimal Co₂Ni₁N requires overpotentials of 102.6 and 92.0 mV to afford a current density of 10 mA cm–² in alkaline and acidic solution, respectively. In addition, it also presents favorable activity in neutral media and excellent stability under different pH conditions. The present study not only offers a strategy for the design and synthesis of porous bimetal nitrides derived from binuclear MOF but also brings up new avenues for the development of cost-effective and competent all-pH HER catalysts for renewable energy systems.