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Hydrothermal deposition of CoFe₂o₄ with a micro nano binary structure onto a wood surface with related magnetic property and microwave absorption

Chen, Yipeng, Dang, Baokang, Wang, Hanwei, Yan, Wei, Sun, Qingfeng, Zhang, Weigang
Journal of wood chemistry and technology 2019 v.39 no.1 pp. 31-42
Ostwald ripening, absorption, alkali treatment, ambient temperature, magnetic properties, magnetism, manufacturing, nanomaterials, wood
In this study, magnetic CoFe₂O₄ with a micro/nano binary structure was deposited onto a wood surface using a hydrothermal process. Several samples of CoFe₂O₄-modified wood composites were obtained by varying the initial parameters of the process. The morphology and structure of the samples demonstrated the influence of varying temperature during the hydrothermal process. The results indicated that CoFe₂O₄ particles, which comprise a variety of microscale and nanoscale structures, precipitated on the wood surface through the Ostwald ripening process under alkali treatment. Additionally, temperature was found to be a critical factor that influenced the resultant morphology, magnetic property, and microwave absorption property of the CoFe₂O₄-modified wood. Moreover, the CoFe₂O₄-modified wood had a high saturation magnetization (Ms) of 30.7 emu·g⁻¹ and a minimum value of reflection of −16.2 dB at 16.6 GHz at room temperature. This work suggested that the CoFe₂O₄-modified wood composites can be used to design and manufacture microwave absorbers.