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A MnO₂–[Ru(dpp)₃]Cl₂ system for colorimetric and fluorimetric dual-readout detection of H₂O₂

Zhang, Yuan, Hu, Kewei, Ling, Zhenbao, Di, Weihua
RSC advances 2019 v.9 no.14 pp. 7803-7810
blood serum, colorimetry, dyes, electrostatic interactions, fluorescence, fluorometry, hydrogen peroxide, manganese dioxide, nanosheets, oxygen
Two-dimensional (2D) MnO₂ nanosheets were synthesized by a template-free and one-step route, and the dye [Ru(dpp)₃]Cl₂ was linked onto the MnO₂ nanosheet surface via electrostatic interaction. The formed MnO₂–[Ru(dpp)₃]Cl₂ hybrid was used for a dual optical detection for H₂O₂, an important reactive oxygen species (ROS). Upon addition of H₂O₂, the reaction of MnO₂ with H₂O₂ results in the dissolution of MnO₂ nanosheets and simultaneous generation of O₂. The fading of the solution and simultaneous fluorescence change of [Ru(dpp)₃]Cl₂, sensitive to O₂, enables colorimetric and fluorimetric dual-mode detection of H₂O₂. The dual-output assay in a single probe provides a good sensitivity with a detection limit of 0.18 μM H₂O₂. The dual-signal strategy can efficiently overcome the shortcoming of the single detection mode, and improve the detection accuracy by an additional correction of output signals from each other. Moreover, the successful determination of H₂O₂ in the serum samples demonstrates the potential applicability of the MnO₂–[Ru(dpp)₃]Cl₂ based probe in biosensing and bioanalysis.