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A new sustainable approach towards preparation of sunlight active Ag/AgBr Janus nanoparticles using non-toxic surface active ionic liquid

Singh, Gurbir, Komal,, Singh, Gagandeep, Kaur, Manvir, Kang, Tejwant Singh
Journal of materials chemistry A 2019 v.7 no.10 pp. 5185-5189
bromides, ionic liquids, irradiation, nanoparticles, p-nitrophenol, photocatalysis, photolysis, silver, silver nitrate, solar radiation, stabilizers, white light
The development of benign and easily implementable methods for preparation of symmetry controlled nano-materials for catalytic applications under sunlight or white light is a challenging task. A single step strategy and utilization of minimal chemicals under aqueous conditions under sunlight represents the first example of its kind. Herein, photocatalytically active Ag/AgBr Janus nanoparticles (JNPs) are prepared by irradiation of aqueous AgNO₃ containing nicotinium based non-toxic surface active ionic liquid (SAIL) having Br⁻ as a counter-ion under sunlight, in less than a minute, via controlled symmetry breaking, for the first time. The utilized SAIL not only provides the required Br⁻ but also acts as a stabilizing agent and aids in photo-reduction. Thus the prepared JNPs exhibit excellent catalytic activity for photo-degradation of rhodamine-B under sunlight along with reduction of 4-nitrophenol.