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Leakage Mitigation During CO₂ Geological Storage Process Using CO₂ Triggered Gelation

Li, Dexiang, Zhang, Liang, Ren, Shaoran, Rui, Hongxing
Industrial & engineering chemistry process design and development 2019 v.58 no.8 pp. 3395-3406
carbon dioxide, drilling, gelation, gels, monitoring, process design, simulation models
CO₂ leakage is a fatal issue for the successful application of CO₂ geological storage. In this paper, a method using CO₂ triggered gelation is proposed to control the CO₂ leakage during CO₂ geological storage process. The mechanisms of CO₂ triggered gelation was illustrated schematically. The effectiveness of this method for blocking CO₂ leakage was evaluated by experimental works using sand-pack model. Reactive flow simulations were conducted to reproduce the experimental results and investigate field-scale feasibility of this method. The results show that this method can control the assumed leakage and the blocking performance was reproduced well by the lab-scale reactive flow simulation model. The results of simulation indicate that gel can be formed and absorbed more easily near the injection point. Feasibility of this method in field-scale were demonstrated with different scenarios of preplaced gel system. Infill drilling and monitoring method with high accuracy are recommended to assist this method.