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Spatial distribution and sampling plan of the phytophagous stink bug complex in different soybean production systems

Fernandes, Marcos Gino, Costa, Eduardo Neves, Cavada, Leonardo Hiroito, Mota, Thiago Alexandre, da Fonseca, Paulo Rogério Beltramin
Journal of applied entomology 2019 v.143 no.3 pp. 236-249
Pentatomidae, adults, crop production, cropping systems, crops, cultivars, grains, models, nymphs, pests, probability distribution, production technology, seeds, sequential sampling, soybeans, Brazil
Phytophagous stink bugs are major soybean pests, and knowledge of spatial distribution models of the pest in the crop is fundamental to establishing an appropriate sequential sampling plan, and thus, allowing the correct utilization of control strategies. This work aimed to study the spatial distribution of phytophagous stink bugs in soybean grown in different cropping systems and determine a sequential sampling plan. The experiment was conducted in Maracaju, MS, Brazil, during the agricultural year of 2012/2013. Soybean cultivars BRS 284 and SYN 1163 RR were placed in an experimental area comprising six fields (two soybean cultivars × three cropping systems). Sampling was performed weekly, using a beat cloth per plot and counting the number of stink bugs found, virtually throughout the soybean reproductive period. Concerning the statistical analyses, we used the dispersion indexes (variance‐to‐mean ratio, Morisita's index, exponent k of the negative binomial and Green's coefficient) and probabilistic methods of frequency adjustment (negative binomial and Poisson). Adult and nymph phytophagous stink bugs showed aggregate disposition in the field regardless of the cropping system, and their numbers were adjusted to the negative binomial probability distribution. There was no difference in the behaviour of adult and nymphs considering the tested cultivars. We elaborated a practical sequential sampling plan for phytophagous stink bug complexes, considering crops intended for the production of grains and seeds.