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Expression of odorant‐binding proteins in mouthpart palps of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria

Pregitzer, P., Zielonka, M., Eichhorn, A.‐S., Jiang, X., Krieger, J., Breer, H.
Insect molecular biology 2019 v.28 no.2 pp. 264-276
Schistocerca gregaria, antennae, insects, odorant receptors, palps, sensilla
Odorant‐binding proteins (OBPs) are essential molecular elements of the insect chemosensory system, which is composed of the antennae and the mouthpart palps (maxillary and labial). In this study, we have analysed the expression and the sensilla specificity of 14 OBP subtypes in the palps of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria. The locust palps comprise only a low number of sensilla basiconica but a high number of sensilla chaetica. Employing a variety of approaches, we found that only a subset of the antennal OBP repertoire was expressed in both palp types. These OBPs were previously shown to be expressed either in sensilla basiconica or sensilla chaetica of the antennae. Comparing the expression pattern in the two chemosensory organs revealed similarities and differences; most remarkably, two OBP subtypes, OBP6 and OBP8, were found in both sensilla types on palps, whereas on the antennae they were solely expressed in one sensillum type. Together, the data indicate a differential, but partly overlapping, expression of OBPs in the two sensilla types of the palps. The differences in the expression pattern of OBP subtypes between antennae and palps might be indicative for distinct functions of the OBPs in the two chemosensory organs.