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History, current status and prospects of sturgeon aquaculture in Russia

Vasilyeva, Lydia M., Elhetawy, Ashraf. I. Gh., Sudakova, Natalia V., Astafyeva, Svetlana S.
Aquaculture research 2019 v.50 no.4 pp. 979-993
aquaculture, basins, breeding stock, commercial farms, fish communities, fish roe, markets, meat, seedlings, sturgeon, Russia
Since natural sturgeon populations have drastically declined, aquaculture of these valuable fish is important to meet the ever‐increasing demand for meat and caviar, thereby reducing the pressure on natural sturgeon resources. There are two directions in sturgeon aquaculture: controlled propagation for release and commercial farming. The controlled propagation supports the conservation of natural fish populations, while the commercial cultivation of sturgeons supplies the needs of the consumer market with the delicacy production of caviar (mainly). This review deals with the current status of the controlled propagation and stocking in the Volga‐Caspian basin and the commercial farming of sturgeons in Russia. The article also investigates the management of farmed broodstocks of sturgeons, which are used for obtaining seedlings and caviar. It is for sure that the active and continuous development of the two directions of sturgeon aquaculture will allow preserving these unique ancient fish on our planet until natural populations can be re‐established by self‐sustaining populations.