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Evolution of the biocontrol active substances in the framework of the European Pesticide Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009

Robin, Diane C, Marchand, Patrice A
Pest management science 2019 v.75 no.4 pp. 950-958
active ingredients, biological control, biological control agents, integrated pest management, markets, microorganisms, pesticide law, plant protection, semiochemicals, Europe
BACKGROUND: The use of biocontrol agents (BCA) is growing strongly with a market of €1.9 billion worldwide and €542 million in Europe, and an estimated annual growth of between 15% and 20%. Biocontrol substances use natural mechanisms as part of integrated pest management. With the exception of macro‐organisms, substances or products comprising microorganisms, semiochemicals and natural substances depend on plant protection Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009. RESULTS: When this regulation came into force, a number of BCA had already been approved. The total number of BCA rose during the period 2011–2018 to ∼ 60 substances in line with global growth in approved substances. This growth was not smooth or equal between biocontrol categories; the microorganisms category increased the most, with a doubling of the number of approved substances in use, followed by natural substances and semiochemicals. CONCLUSION: This positive development has been influenced by many factors such as scientific advances and environmental characteristics. However, some obstacles remain that limit the development of BCA (market size, variability in effectiveness, etc.). Regulatory measures could be a key to enhancing the development of biocontrol registrations. © 2018 Society of Chemical Industry