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Aedes koreicus—a new member of the genus Aedes establishing in Germany?

Steinbrink, Antje, Zotzmann, Sina, Cunze, Sarah, Klimpel, Sven
Parasitology research 2019 v.118 no.3 pp. 1073-1076
Aedes, Nematoda, insect reproduction, monitoring, overwintering, species identification, viruses, China, Germany, Japan, Korean Peninsula, Russia
Aedes koreicus, a mosquito species originating from Japan, China, Korea, and parts of Russia, has been sporadically found in Europe since 2008. It is suspected to be a vector of a variety of viruses and nematodes. In Germany, one individual was found in 2015 in the city of Augsburg, situated in the federal state of Bavaria. Based on morphological and molecular species identification, this study reports a new finding of Ae. koreicus, about 370 km northwest from Augsburg. The sampling point is located in the city of Wiesbaden, in the federal state of Hesse, where four individuals were found over a period of 2 months in 2017. The re-finding of the species in the same location in May and July 2018 suggests that (a) the species was able to reproduce and overwinter at this site, and (b) spreading of non-native mosquito species is an ongoing process in Germany, which requires close monitoring.