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Melanocamarosporioides ugamica gen. et sp. nov., a novel member of the family Melanommataceae from Uzbekistan

Dhandevi Pem, Rajesh Jeewon, Yusufjon Gafforov, Sinang Hongsanan, Chayanard Phukhamsakda, Itthayakorn Promputtha, Mingkwan Doilom, Kevin D. Hyde
Mycological progress 2019 v.18 no.3 pp. 471-481
Lonicera, Melanommataceae, branches, conidia, conidiomata, internal transcribed spacers, mountains, new genus, phylogeny, ribosomal DNA, statistical analysis, surveys, Uzbekistan
During surveys of ascomycetes from the Western Tien Shan Mountains in Uzbekistan, we collected a coelomycetous taxon on a dead trunk and branches of Lonicera altmannii. The taxon is morphologically distinct from other known melanommataceous taxa based on its unique set of characters, such as superficial to erumpent, uniloculate conidiomata, and globose ellipsoidal or ovoid, dark-brown, multiseptate conidia. It is introduced herein as Melanocamarosporioides ugamica gen. et sp. nov. within the family Melanommataceae. Multiloci phylogenies based on LSU, SSU, ITS, and TEF1-α sequence data generated from maximum likelihood, maximum parsimony and MrBayes analyses indicate that M. ugamica forms a distinct lineage within Melanommataceae and its establishment as a new genus is supported. Descriptions, illustrations, and appraisal on taxonomy for the taxa are provided.