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Comprehensive therapeutics targeting the corticospinal tract following spinal cord injury

Xu, An-Kai, Gong, Zhe, He, Yu-Zhe, Xia, Kai-Shun, Tao, Hui-Min
Journal of Zhejiang University 2019 v.20 no.3 pp. 205-218
animal injuries, electrical treatment, patients, spinal cord, therapeutics
Spinal cord injury (SCI), which is much in the public eye, is still a refractory disease compromising the well-being of both patients and society. In spite of there being many methods dealing with the lesion, there is still a deficiency in comprehensive strategies covering all facets of this damage. Further, we should also mention the structure called the corticospinal tract (CST) which plays a crucial role in the motor responses of organisms, and it will be the focal point of our attention. In this review, we discuss a variety of strategies targeting different dimensions following SCI and some treatments that are especially efficacious to the CST are emphasized. Over recent decades, researchers have developed many effective tactics involving five approaches: (1) tackle more extensive regions; (2) provide a regenerative microenvironment; (3) provide a glial microenvironment; (4) transplantation; and (5) other auxiliary methods, for instance, rehabilitation training and electrical stimulation. We review the basic knowledge on this disease and correlative treatments. In addition, some well-formulated perspectives and hypotheses have been delineated. We emphasize that such a multifaceted problem needs combinatorial approaches, and we analyze some discrepancies in past studies. Finally, for the future, we present numerous brand-new latent tactics which have great promise for curbing SCI.