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Influence of processing conditions on bioactive compound extraction from Vitis vinifera L. var. Alicante Bouschet grape skin

Ruíz-García, Yineth, Beres, Carolina, Chávez, Davy W. H., Souza, Erika F., Tonon, Renata V., Cabral, Lourdes M. C.
Journal of food science and technology 2019 v.56 no.2 pp. 1066-1072
Vitis vinifera, anthocyanins, bioactive compounds, cations, citric acid, ethanol, grapes, oxygen radical absorbance capacity, phenolic compounds, semiarid zones, temperature, Brazil
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of process conditions on the solid–liquid extraction of bioactive compounds from the Alicante Bouschet grape skin from the semi-arid region of Brazil. The influence of temperature (23–57 °C), ethanol concentration (16–84%) and citric acid concentration (0–4%) on the total phenolic content, monomeric anthocyanin content and on the antioxidant capacity of the extracts measured by oxygen radical absorbance capacity and cation radical scavenging activity (ABTS·⁺) methods was investigated. Ethanol concentration and temperature had a significant influence on total phenolic compounds extraction and antioxidant capacity while monomeric anthocyanins extraction was only affected by ethanol concentration. The conditions selected as the most adequate for the extraction were: temperature of 40 °C, 50% v/v ethanol and 2% m/v citric acid.