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Magnetic nano-zeolite Y as a novel fluidized bed for air decontamination

Zendehdel, R., Ansari, S., Sedghi, R., Jafari, M. J.
International journal of environmental science and technology 2019 v.16 no.3 pp. 1261-1268
adsorbents, adsorption, air, decontamination, fluidized beds, magnetism, toluene, vapors
Fluidized bed reactors have been known as a performance method to remove different contaminations from air in these years. We study a simple and efficient method for the fluidization of nano-zeolite Y (NZY) adsorbent by impregnating the adsorbent with magnetic precursor. Toluene removal potential is investigated in adsorbent bed of impregnate NZY fluidized by magnetic rotating field.The ratio of 3:1 from NZY/Fe₃O₄ presented most of the sorbent efficiency in magnetic fluidized bed. The resulting fluidized bed of NZY/Fe₃O₄ showed higher adsorbent activity than air fluidized bed of NZY. We found that toluene vapors have been removed in the highest efficiency of 89% for magnetic fluidized bed and 82% in air fluidized bed. In general, amount of toluene adsorption was decreased with time increase in order for the dynamic flow of vapors. In the flow of 30-ppm toluene vapor, the adsorption of magnetic fluidized bed achieved is 100% for 40 min. In conclusion, the magnetic fluidized reactor remove toluene contamination vapors from gas stream by nano-adsorbent bed in a better manner than air fluidized bed.