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Fine Mapping of Virescent Leaf Gene v-1 in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Han Miao, Shengping Zhang, Min Wang, Ye Wang, Yiqun Weng, Xingfang Gu
International journal of molecular sciences 2016 v.17 no.10 pp. 1602
Cucumis sativus, biosynthesis, carotenoids, chlorophyll, chromosome mapping, color, cucumbers, genes, ion channels, leaves, loci, mutants, mutation, phenotype, plant breeding, promoter regions, seedlings, thylakoids
The chloroplhyll gives the green color in plants. Any mutations in chloroplhyll biosynthesis or regulation may result in color changes. Leaf color mutants are common in higher plants, which can be used as markers in crop breeding or as a tool in understanding regulatory mechanisms in chlorophyll biosynthesis and chloroplast development. In virescent leaf mutants, young leaves are yellow in color, which gradually return to normal green when the seedlings grow large. Here reported phenotypic characterization and genetic mapping of the cucumber virescent leaf mutant 9110Gt. Total chlorophyll and carotenoid content in 9110Gt was reduced by 44 and 21% respectively as compared with its wild type parental line 9110G. The mutant exhibited fewer chloroplasts per cell and thylakoids per chloroplast. Fine genetic mapping identified CsaCNGCs as the only candidate gene for the v-1 locus, which encoded a cyclic-nucleotide-gated ion channel protein. A single nucleotide change in the promoter region of seemed to be associated with the virescent color change in 9110Gt. There was significant lower expression of CsaCNGCs in the true leaves of 9110Gt than in 9110G. This was the first report that CsaCNGCs gene was connected to virescent leaf color change, which provided a useful tool to establish linkages among virescent leaf color change, chloroplast development, chlorophyll biosynthesis and the functions of the CsaCNGCs gene.