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Effects of daily food processing on allergenicity

Cabanillas, Beatriz, Novak, Natalija
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 2019 v.59 no.1 pp. 31-42
allergenicity, baking, boiling, foods, fruits, frying, microwave treatment, nonthermal processing, peeling, physicochemical properties, pressure cooking, proteins, roasting
Daily food processing has the potential to alter the allergenicity of foods due to modification of the physico-chemical properties of proteins. The degree of such modifications depends on factors such as processing conditions, type of food considered, allergenic content, etc. The impact of daily food processing like boiling, roasting, frying or baking on food allergenicity have been extensively studied. The influence of other thermal treatments such as microwave heating or pressure cooking on allergenicity has also been analyzed. Non-thermal treatment such as peeling impacts on the allergenic content of certain foods such as fruits. In this review, we give an updated overview of the effects of daily processing treatments on the allergenicity of a wide variety of foods. The different variables that contribute to the modification of food allergenicity due to processing are also reviewed and discussed.