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Constraints affecting summer vegetable cultivation

Kshash, Bassim H.
International journal of vegetable science 2019 v.25 no.2 pp. 154-163
cultivation area, extension education, farmers, imports, income, irrigation water, marketing, planning, soil salinity, summer, vegetable crops, vegetable growing, vegetables, water shortages, Iraq
The demand for summer vegetables continues to increase with many vegetables being cultivated in many countries all year round. Despite this, there is a decrease in cultivated area and production of vegetables in Iraq. The study was conducted in Al-Taleiaa district, Babylon Province, Iraq, to identify constraints faced in vegetables cultivation. One hundred and sixty vegetable farmers were randomly selected. A list of 4 categories affecting summer vegetable cultivation: production, financial, technical, and marketing, covering 35 constraints was prepared. About half of the vegetable farmers indicated that there was a high level of constraint impeding production. Competition from imported vegetables, soil salinity, water shortage, high cost of improved seed, poor extension service, and lack of knowledge of recommended cultivation practices were the most cited. The area cultivated with summer vegetable crops, number of cultivated summer vegetable crops, and seasonal income from summer vegetable crops were positively correlated with constraints. Vegetable producers have problems, and those problems need to be solved. It is necessary to use appropriate planning to overcome constraints facing vegetable producers. Restricting vegetable imports, availability of irrigation water, improved, affordable, seed, effective extension services, and adequate information about recommended cultivation practices are needed to improve vegetable production.