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Stripe rust resistance to a burgeoning Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici race CYR34 in current Chinese wheat cultivars for breeding and research

Wang, Licheng, Tang, Xinrui, Wu, Jianhui, Shen, Chuan, Dai, Miaofei, Wang, Qilin, Zeng, Qingdong, Kang, Zhensheng, Wu, Yunfeng, Han, Dejun
Euphytica 2019 v.215 no.4 pp. 68
Puccinia striiformis f. tritici, Triticum aestivum, crop production, cultivars, disease resistance, genes, mature plants, plant breeding, races, seedlings, spring, stripe rust, wheat, China
Stripe (yellow) rust is one of the most destructive diseases in wheat production. More than 80 stripe rust resistance (Yr) genes have been officially named, however Yr26 gene has lost resistance to CYR34 (V26) since 2011. In this study, we evaluated resistance of 692 elite wheat cultivars from China to stripe rust in adult plant stage and resistance to CYR32, CYR33, and CYR34 Pst races in seedling stags. Yr26 was deduced in 692 cultivars by WE173 and WE33 molecular marks. The result showed that 45 (7%) entries had all-stage resistance, 79 (11%) entries had adult-plant resistance, and 568 (82%) entries were susceptible to one or more stripe rust races. Besides, 48 (81%) entries in over-summering region were resistant to CYR34, 4 (10%) in over-wintering region, 121 (20%) in spring epidemic region. And 43 entries across China were detected to have Yr26 gene.