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(2,5-Dioxoimidazolidin-4-ylidene)aminocarbonylcarbamic Acid as a Precursor of Parabanic Acid, the Singlet Oxygen-Specific Oxidation Product of Uric Acid

Sayaka Iida, Yorihiro Yamamoto, Akio Fujisawa
Journal of organic chemistry 2019 v.84 no.6 pp. 3552-3558
chemical structure, high performance liquid chromatography, hydrolysates, mass spectrometry, organic chemistry, oxidation, oxygen, singlet oxygen, stable isotopes, uric acid
Previously, we identified that parabanic acid (PA) and its hydrolysate, oxaluric acid (OUA), are the singlet oxygen-specific oxidation products of uric acid (UA). In this study, we investigated the PA formation mechanism by using HPLC and a time-of-flight mass spectrometry technique and identified unknown intermediates as (2,5-dioxoimidazolidin-4-ylidene)aminocarbonylcarbamic acid (DIAA), dehydroallantoin, and 4-hydroxyallantoin (4-HAL). DIAA is the key to PA production, and its formation pathway was characterized using ¹⁸O₂ and H₂¹⁸O. Two oxygen atoms were confirmed to be incorporated into DIAA: the 5-oxo- oxygen from singlet oxygen and the carboxylic oxygen from water. Isolated DIAA and 4-HAL gave PA stoichiometrically. A plausible reaction scheme in which two pathways branch out from DIAA is presented, and the potential for PA as an endogenous probe for biological formation of singlet oxygen is discussed.