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Isolation of antioxidative peptide from the protein hydrolysate of Caragana ambigua seeds and its mechanism for retarding lipid auto‐oxidation

Jie, Yu, Zhao, Hongfei, Sun, Xiaoqi, Lv, Xinran, Zhang, Zhuo, Zhang, Bolin
Journal of the science of food and agriculture 2019 v.99 no.6 pp. 3078-3085
Caragana, antioxidant activity, autoxidation, bioeconomics, droplets, emulsions, linoleic acid, lipid peroxidation, liquids, molecular dynamics, peptides, phenolic compounds, polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein hydrolysates, protein sources, seeds, superoxide anion, trees, walnut oil
BACKGROUND: Peptides can act as antioxidants in emulsion, although the mechanism involved is poorly understood. Caragana ambigua seed is a potential protein source for which the commercial applications have not been explored yet. In the present study, we aimed to evaluate the bio‐economic potential of C. ambigua by isolating and characterizing antioxidative peptides from the protein hydrolysate of its seeds for the purpose of protecting lipids from oxidation. RESULTS: A novel decapeptide, identified as QITEGEDGGG, was purified by high‐protein liquid chromotography based on the enrichment of antioxidant fractions, and its antioxidative activity for walnut oil was evaluated in terms of its effect on oil quality, primary and secondary peroxide formation, oxidation kinetics, and structure of oil droplets. A molecular simulation involving the peptide and fatty acid was carried out aiming to understand the mechanism underlying the prevention of lipid oxidation by the peptide. The peptide effectively scavenged superoxide anions (86.46%), inhibited the rate of linoleic acid oxidation (60.37%) and delayed auto‐oxidation of walnut oil. Its inhibition of lipid oxidation was attributed to the protection of phenolic compounds and polyunsaturated fatty acids of walnut oil. CONCLUSION: The findings of the present study will help in the exploitation of novel antioxidant peptides of lipids from woody seed‐based protein sources such the seeds of C. ambigua trees. © 2018 Society of Chemical Industry