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A smartphone‐based on‐site nucleic acid testing platform at point‐of‐care settings

Xu, Xiayu, Wang, Xuemin, Hu, Jie, Gong, Yang, Wang, Lin, Zhou, Wan, Li, XiuJun, Xu, Feng
Electrophoresis 2019 v.40 no.6 pp. 914-921
color, colorimetry, disease course, electrophoresis, image analysis, infectious diseases, mobile telephones, nucleic acids, point-of-care systems, user interface
We developed a smartphone‐based on‐site nucleic acid testing (NAT) platform that can image and analyze lateral flow nucleic acid assays at point‐of‐care settings. An inexpensive add‐on was devised to run lateral flow assays while providing homogeneous ambient light for imaging. In addition, an Android app with a user‐friendly interface was developed for the result analysis and management. Linear color calibration is implemented inside the app to minimize the colorimetric reaction difference between smartphones. A relationship function between nucleic acid concentration and colorimetric reaction was established and evaluated by leave‐one‐out cross validation. The predicted concentration and true concentration showed a good agreement with an R‐squared value of 0.96. This smartphone‐based NAT platform can be used to diagnose infectious diseases and monitor disease progression, and assess treatment efficacy, especially for resource‐limited settings.