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Contribution to decision‐making on establishing the maximum water level for Lake Vegoritida

Doulgeris, Charalampos, Argyroudi, Anna
Lakes & reservoirs 2019 v.24 no.1 pp. 24-36
decision making, lakes, participatory management, stakeholders, watersheds, Greece
The water level in Lake Vegoritida, Greece, has undergone great changes over the past decades attributable to severe water abstraction directly from the lake and its catchment, which affected not only the conditions of the natural environment, but also social and economic conditions. The water level of the lake is currently rising, with discussion of an agreeable decision about the desired maximum lake water level becoming a source of conflict among the lake stakeholders. The present study provides a framework for a participatory management plan, with the perspective of engaging all levels of lake stakeholders in the process of deciding and establishing the maximum lake water level. Kolb's learning cycle is used as a methodological vehicle in the proposed process of participatory decision‐making. Its contribution to decision‐making includes (a) identification of lake stakeholders and the issues arising from a potential establishment of a maximum lake water level; and (b) three suggested water level scenarios to facilitate a future constructive discussion directed to establishing a maximum water level in Lake Vegoritida.