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Influence of the presence of ide Leuciscus idus on the boldness of common carp Cyprinus carpio

Górecki, Marcin T., Mazurkiewicz, Jan, Myczko, Łukasz
Aquaculture 2019 v.505 pp. 253-255
Cyprinus carpio, Leuciscus idus, behavior change, breeding, carp, fish production, ponds, probability
Behavioural traits (e.g., shyness vs boldness) can determine growth rates and also affect the probability of survival. We investigated behavioural changes in common carp caused by the co-occurrence of ide. The study was conducted in ten purpose-constructed experimental ponds containing both deep and shallow sections. Common carp (five individuals) were placed in each pond, but ide (two individuals of a variety called golden orfe) were placed in only half of the ponds. Three repetitions of the experiment were made, and in each repetition three observation series were conducted. Carp behaviour in every pond was noted during each series. Each observation lasted 5 min and the number of carp entries into the shallow water was counted. Each fish was used in only one repetition of the experiment. During eight of the nine observation series the common carp in ponds containing ide entered the shallow sections of the ponds significantly more often than carp kept without ide. Thus, the presence of ide influenced carp behaviour, making them bolder, which caused more frequent use of the shallow section of the ponds. We believe that carp were less stressed in the presence of ide. Thus, adding ide could be beneficial to carp, both in commercial carp production, because of the better use of the whole pond area, and also in ornamental carp breeding resulting in a higher visibility of fish.