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Plant basket hydraulic structures (PBHS) as a new river restoration measure

Kałuża, Tomasz, Radecki-Pawlik, Artur, Szoszkiewicz, Krzysztof, Plesiński, Karol, Radecki-Pawlik, Bartosz, Laks, Ireneusz
The Science of the total environment 2018 v.627 pp. 245-255
ecological restoration, hydraulic structures, hydrodynamics, rivers, sediment traps, sediments, stream channels, Poland
River restoration has become increasingly attractive worldwide as it provides considerable benefits to the environment as well as to the economy. This study focuses on changes of hydromorphological conditions in a small lowland river recorded during an experiment carried out in the Flinta River, central Poland. The proposed solution was a pilot project of the construction of vegetative sediment traps (plant basket hydraulic structures - PBHS). A set of three PBSH was installed in the riverbed in one row and a range of hydraulic parameters were recorded over a period of three years (six measurement sessions). Changes of sediment grain size were analysed, and the amount and size of plant debris in the plant barriers were recorded. Plant debris accumulation influencing flow hydrodynamics was detected as a result of the installation of vegetative sediment traps. Moreover, various hydromorphological processes in the river were initiated. Additional simulations based on the detected processes showed that the proposed plant basket hydraulic structures can improve the hydromorphological status of the river.