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Effects of electricity on plant responses

Dannehl, Dennis
Scientia horticulturae 2018 v.234 pp. 382-392
abiotic stress, carbon dioxide, drought, electric field, elicitors, growth and development, heavy metals, horticulture, magnetic fields, metabolites, nutrients, plant development, plant growth, plant response, signal transduction, temperature, ultraviolet radiation
Numerous investigations into the abiotic elicitation of plant responses with UV-B radiation, temperature, drought, CO2, nutrients, heavy metals and wounding have been carried out in the agronomic sector and are described in various reviews. However, it is not clear if electricity can be classified as an abiotic stress elicitor to affect plants. While the aforementioned abiotic stress elicitors are well investigated, the impact of electricity on plant development and accumulation of metabolites is not well understood. This review describes the effects of electricity, including strong and weak electric fields, magnetic fields and electric currents on plant growth and development, as well as on plant metabolites. Possible signalling pathways as affected by electricity are also discussed. It is further discussed the application of electricity to enhance plants in horticulture and it’s classification as an abiotic stress elicitor.