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Combined effect of high pressure and vinegar addition on the control of Clostridium perfringens and quality in nitrite-free emulsion-type sausage

Lee, Sang Hui, Choe, Juhui, Shin, Dong Jin, In Yong, Hae, Choi, Yukyung, Yoon, Yohan, Jo, Cheorun
Innovative food science & emerging technologies 2019
Clostridium perfringens, adverse effects, chewiness, consumer demand, lipid peroxidation, natural additives, pH, pork, pressure treatment, sausages, sodium nitrite, spores, storage temperature, tea, vegetative cells, vinegars, water holding capacity
We evaluated the combined effect of high pressure (HP) and vinegar addition on control of Clostridium perfringens and quality in emulsion-type pork sausages. Sausages were manufactured with different levels of commercial white distilled vinegar made with jasmine tea extract (0, 1, and 2%) and sodium nitrite (0.02%, control). The sausages except for sodium nitrite treatment were subjected to HP at 500 MPa (four cycles and each for 3 min). After storage, the combined treatment of HP and vinegar showed the lowest number of C. perfringens vegetative cells (4.8-log CFU/g reduction) among the all treatments. The combined treatment also inhibited the growth of C. perfringens spores for five weeks (stored at 4 °C for two weeks followed by at 20 °C for three weeks). Among all treatment combinations, the best pH, water-holding capacity and chewiness, were found with the HP-vinegar sausage. In addition, vinegar treatment inhibited the lipid oxidation of sausage throughout the storage. Use of HP and vinegar addition inhibited growth of C. perfringens without observed adverse effects on quality of the emulsion-type sausage.Currently, the use of natural additives and novel processing technologies for replacing sodium nitrite in meat products is gaining attention owing to increase in consumer demand for nitrite-free and safe meat products. The study showed that the addition of 1% (w/v) of vinegar and pressure treatment at 500 MPa (four cycles and each for 3 min) can replace sodium nitrite to inhibit growth of C. perfringens in emulsion-type sausages.