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Maximising recovery of phenolic compounds and antioxidant properties from banana peel using microwave assisted extraction and water

Vu, Hang T., Scarlett, Christopher J., Vuong, Quan V.
Journal of food science and technology 2019 v.56 no.3 pp. 1360-1370
antioxidant activity, banana peels, irradiation, microwave treatment, pH, phenolic compounds, response surface methodology, solvents
Banana peel is rich in phenolic compounds and is generally considered as waste. This study aimed to maximise recovery of phenolics from banana peel using water via microwave assisted extraction. The impact of various parameters including pH of solvent, sample to solvent ratio, irradiation time with/without cooling periods, and irradiation power were investigated individually. Following this, extraction conditions were further optimised using Response Surface Methodology. The results revealed that the extraction efficiency can be significantly improved by reducing the pH of water, increasing microwave power and time. However, cooling time during irradiation did not affect the extraction efficiency. Optimal conditions were identified at pH of 1, ratio of 2:100 g/mL, 6 min irradiation, and microwave power of 960 W. Under these optimal conditions, approximately 50.55 mg phenolics could be recovered from 1 g dried peel. These conditions are recommended for recovery of phenolic compounds from banana peel for further utilisation.