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Phenolic composition of apple products and by-products based on cold pressing technology

Du, Guorong, Zhu, Yanyun, Wang, Xiaoyu, Zhang, Juan, Tian, Chengrui, Liu, Liu, Meng, Yonghong, Guo, Yurong
Journal of food science and technology 2019 v.56 no.3 pp. 1389-1397
apple juice, apple pomace, apple pulp, apples, bioactive compounds, byproducts, chlorogenic acid, cold, flavanols, peeling, phloridzin, pomace extracts, pressing, seeds, temperature, vinegars
Cold pressing technology is a new technology using during the apple juice processing, which involved peeling and deseeding of apples at low temperature. The phenolics of apple juice, apple vinegar and apple pomace generated by cold pressing and traditional process were investigated. The results showed that the total phenols and flavanols of cold pressing apple juice were lower than those of traditional process. The total phenols content of peel pomace extract was significantly higher than that of the pulp pomace by almost tenfold, which showed that the peels and seeds were valuable sources of phenolic compounds. The total phenols of apple vinegars were significantly different. The predominant compounds in apple products were phloridzin and chlorogenic acid, while the apple pomaces based on cold pressing technology had significantly high content of phenolic compounds, indicating that the cold pressing technology could facilitated the use of apple pomace for bioactive compounds.