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Effect of quality of milk on physico-chemical characteristics of buffalo milk concentrate (khoa) during storage

Choudhary, Sonika, Arora, Sumit, Kumari, Anuradha, Narwal, Vikrant, Singh, A. K.
Journal of food science and technology 2019 v.56 no.3 pp. 1302-1315
acidity, buffalo milk, butyric acid, casein, fatty acid composition, hydroxymethylfurfural, milk quality, oleic acid, pH, peroxide value, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, stearic acid, storage temperature, storage time, tyrosine
The present work was conducted to evaluate the quality of milk (fresh/acidic/neutralized) on the physico-chemical, textural and fatty acid profile of khoa prepared from buffalo milk and stored in poly-alu-poly laminates for 30 °C/7 days and 5 °C/21 days, respectively. The degree of deterioration of common quality parameters was rapid during storage at 30 °C as compared to storage at 5 °C. Khoa stored at 30 °C showed greater variation in various physico-chemical and textural parameters as compared to khoa stored at 5 °C. Acidity, ash, tyrosine value, furosine, HMF, FFA, peroxide value, TBA value, butyric acid and stearic acid showed an increasing trend whereas, decrease in pH and oleic acid was observed as storage period progressed. Noticeable changes were observed in textural attributes of khoa during storage. However, the SDS–PAGE pattern of caseins from different types of khoa showed almost negligible deviation during storage.