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A sensitive multiplex PCR protocol for simultaneous detection of chicken, duck, and pork in beef samples

Qin, Panzhu, Qu, Wei, Xu, Jianguo, Qiao, Dongqing, Yao, Li, Xue, Feng, Chen, Wei
Journal of food science and technology 2019 v.56 no.3 pp. 1266-1274
DNA, adenosinetriphosphatase, adulterated products, beef, chicken meat, detection limit, duck meat, ingredients, magnetism, mitochondrial genes, nanoparticles, polymerase chain reaction, pork
A rapid and sensitive multiplex PCR assay was developed for simultaneous identification of the adulteration ingredients of chicken, duck and pork in beef. Specific primers for the mitochondrial genes of Cyt b, CO III, ATPase subunit 8/6 and Cyt b of chicken, duck, pork, and beef, respectively, were adopted in the assay. DNA exaction from meat samples was carried out by using magnetic nanoparticles as rapid separation substrates. The multiplex PCR assay showed that the limit of detection was 0.05% for each species. Moreover, the multiplex PCR specifically identified five beef samples adulterated with pork and one beef samples adulterated with chicken among the 35 commercial samples examined, indicating the practicability of this multiplex PCR method for identifying adulterated ingredients of chicken, duck, and pork in commercial beef products.