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Plant-based larvicidal agents: An overview from 2000 to 2018

Piplani, Mona, Bhagwat, Deepak P., Singhvi, Gautam, Sankaranarayanan, Murugesan, Balana-Fouce, Rafael, Vats, Tarini, Chander, Subhash
Experimental parasitology 2019 v.199 pp. 92-103
chemical constituents of plants, databases, larvicides, lethal concentration 50, oils
Current review aims to systematically segregate, analyze and arrange the key findings of the scientific reports published on larvicidal plants including larvicidal formulations. The investigation was carried out by analyzing the published literature in various scientific databases, subsequently, the key findings of the selective scientific reports having larvicidal potency (LC50) of extract or isolated oil<100 μg/mL were tabulated to provide the concise and crucial information. Special emphasis was given on reports in which LC50 of extract or isolated oil was reported to be < 10 μg/mL, genus or species documented in multiple independent studies, advancement in larvicidal formulations and activity of isolated phytoconstituents. Extensive analysis of published literature revealed that the larvicidal potency of herbal resources varied from sub-microgram/ml to practically insignificant. Overall, this unprecedented summarized and arranged information can be utilized for design, development and optimization of herbal based formulation having potential larvicidal activity.