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Immunosorbents in microextraction

Pichon, Valérie, Combès, Audrey, Delaunay, Nathalie
Trends in analytical chemistry 2019 v.113 pp. 246-255
antibodies, antigen-antibody reactions, chromatography, microextraction, quantitative analysis, solvents, sorbents
Trace analysis of target compounds from complex samples requires often a step of purification and of preconcentration before the chromatographic separation. Immunoaffinity sorbents functionalized with antibodies specific to the molecule(s) of interest appear as powerful tools for their selective extraction to obtain more reliable and sensitive quantitative analysis. Indeed, the high specificity and affinity of the antigen-antibody interactions allow an efficient and selective clean-up with high enrichment factors.Considering the cost of antibodies, the miniaturization of these sorbents presents a large interest as it combines the advantages of the miniaturization such as the reduction of solvent consumption and the application of the devices to reduced sample volumes while keeping high enrichment factors with the high selectivity provided by the antibodies during the extraction process. The objective of this review is to present the developments proposed these last years in the field of microextraction methods involving antibodies.