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Hospital outbreak of measles – Evaluation and costs of 10 occupational cases among healthcare worker in Germany, February to March 2017

Hiller, Ute, Mankertz, Annette, Köneke, Norbert, Wicker, Sabine
Vaccine 2019
cross infection, direct contact, disease outbreaks, economic impact, health care workers, hospitals, measles, occupational health and safety, patients, risk, vaccination, virus transmission, Germany
After treatment of an inpatient with measles, an outbreak occurred within the unprotected healthcare workers (HCW) of a regional hospital in Hesse, Germany in February and March 2017. Overall, 10 HCW contracted measles. Remarkably, none of the affected HCW had direct contact to the index patient. One nosocomial transmission to a patient occurred. The economic impact of the outbreak is estimated to approximately 700,000€.Medical institutions play a major role in the management of measles outbreaks, since the risk of exposure as well as nosocomial transmission to vulnerable patients and HCW is very high. To avoid outbreaks it is essential to have an easily accessible documentation of the immune-status of all HCW. The role of occupational medicine in identifying and closing vaccination gaps is of particular importance.