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Modelling stratified thermal energy storage tanks using an advanced flowrate distribution of the received flow

Saloux, E., Candanedo, J.A.
Applied energy 2019
energy resources, heating systems, models, storage technology, tanks, thermal energy
Energy storage plays a central role in managing energy resources and demand. Among the numerous energy storage technologies, stratified storage tanks are a promising option, but their operation requires to be finely tuned in order to optimize their utilization. Accurate models are required to properly design and control such systems. In this paper, an advanced flowrate distribution of the flow entering the tank is developed for modelling stratified storage tanks based on a nodal approach. The model is calibrated and validated with the measurements of a 240-m3 water tank used in a solar community district heating system. The effects of the model parameters and the simulation time step on the model accuracy are also investigated and the selection of the optimal number of nodes must be carefully performed along with the simulation time step. Overall, the proposed model achieves better results than the traditional method and is suitable to be used in applications such as design optimization problems and model predictive control.