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Comparative analysis of graded blends of palm kernel oil, palm kernel stearin and palm stearin

Liu, Chunhuan, Meng, Zong, Chai, Xiuhang, Liang, Xinyu, Piatko, Michael, Campbell, Shawn, Liu, Yuanfa
Food chemistry 2019 v.286 pp. 636-643
lipid content, microstructure, palm kernel oil, phase transition, stearin, temperature, thermal properties
A comprehensive analysis of graded binary and ternary blends of palm kernel oil (PKO), palm kernel stearin (PKS) and palm stearin (POs) was conducted, including solid fat content, iso-solid diagram, thermal properties, polymorphism and microstructure. Both PKO/POs and PKS/POs blends showed eutectic behavior. While PKO/PKS blends displayed good compatibility and only slightly monotectic effect at high temperature (above 30 °C). POs addition elevated binary phase transition temperature and accelerated the β crystal formation. PKO/POs and PKS/POs binaries showed β′ polymorphism, β and β′ polymorphism, and β polymorphism with different POs additions, while all of PKO/PKS blends showed β′ polymorphism. Ternary blends (PKO/PKS/POs) showed eutectic effects, especially at high temperature (25 and 30 °C). POs addition made ternary blends undergo a polymorphism transformation from β′ to β. Our findings open up the possibility of non-hydrogenated fat products as well as develop specific food formulations.