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Arabinoxylan – starch – protein interactions in specially modified rye dough during a simulated baking process

Buksa, Krzysztof, Krystyjan, Magdalena
Food chemistry 2019
arabinoxylan, baking, breads, crosslinking, dough, hydrolysis, molecular weight, pasting properties, rheological properties, rye, starch
The purpose of this work was to investigate the kinds of processes that occur during baking of rye dough, and also to investigate which compounds are most associated with these. The study was conducted with a specially-modified dough containing starch, arabinoxylan preparations and protein obtained from rye wholemeal.Despite the same consistency of the dough samples, their pasting and rheological properties depended on the amount of arabinoxylans and their apparent molar mass.Partial breakdown of high molar mass arabinoxylan-protein and arabinoxylan-arabinoxylan complexes during baking was confirmed in the modified doughs.Heat-induced structural changes of high molar mass complexes influenced competitive hydration among starch, arabinoxylan and protein. Partial breakdown of complexes in samples containing cross-linked arabinoxylan was associated with high degrees of starch swelling at the baking stage. Small changes in complexes during baking from samples containing hydrolysed arabinoxylan were associated with limited swelling, desirable in high-quality bread crumb formation.