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Analysis of the perception and behavior of consumers regarding capybara meat by means of exploratory methods

da Rosa, Patrícia Pinto, Ávila, Bianca Pio, Costa, Pablo Tavares, Fluck, Ana Carolina, Scheibler, Rudolf Brand, Ferreira, Otoniel Geter Lauz, Gularte, Márcia Arocha
Meat science 2019 v.152 pp. 81-87
Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, animal welfare, factor analysis, industry, marketing strategies, meat, odors, prices, questionnaires, taste, variance
The objective of this work was to identify the perception of consumers regarding the consumption of capybara meat, as well as to generate information that will help in the development of the productive chain of the species. Free word association and application of a questionnaire containing questions were performed. We classified dimensions with categories related to the words of greatest impact mentioned. Through the method of word association, it was noticed that terms related to taste and aroma were the most cited. From the 14 factors explored by the questionnaire, four were identified as responsible for explaining 71% of the total common variance of the variables. The exploratory and confirmatory factorial analysis showed that four factors were sufficient to measure the main characteristics that should be considered in marketing strategies by the industries and breeders who want to increase the consumption of capybara meat. These main factors were animal welfare, price, quality and the dissemination of the benefits of meat.