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Assessment of micro-cogeneration network in European mining areas: A prototype system

Paredes-Sánchez, J.P., Míguez, J.L., Blanco, D., Rodríguez, M.A., Collazo, J.
Energy 2019 v.174 pp. 350-358
biomass, combustion, energy, equipment, heat, mining, Spain
The limited success in the promotion of biomass use through technologically advanced heating networks in economically depressed areas has been, in part, attributed to the insufficient understanding of the transformation patterns of the energy for use of indigenous resources. In this regard, Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) is proved to be reliable technology that can efficiently convert resources into useful power by thermal machines. The present study has the aim to study the conversion of energy by implementing a district micro-cogeneration system using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology in mining areas. For this purpose, the region of Valdeorras (Spain) has been selected as a study area based on the functional character of its mining area. The methodology used allows for analysis of the resource, technology and the management of the conversion of energy during the different phases in a process of analytical hierarchy. Additionally, a nodal macro network is set in the study area that covers part of the electrical as well as thermal demand with indigenous resources. The nodal micro-cogeneration unit operates by heat-match mode and generates electricity and heat, 200 kWe and 1.9 MWth, respectively, by supply of 2.6 MWth by biomass combustion.