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Increased GPR120 level is associated with gestational diabetes mellitus

He, Qingwen, Zhu, Shenglong, Lin, Mengyuan, Yang, Qin, Wei, Lengyun, Zhang, Jingwei, Jiang, Xuan, Zhu, Doudou, Lu, Xuyang, Chen, Yong Q.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2019 v.512 no.2 pp. 196-201
G-protein coupled receptors, G-proteins, free fatty acids, gestational diabetes, humans, lipid composition, lipid metabolism, lipid metabolism disorders, lipids, mononuclear leukocytes, patients, pregnancy, pregnant women
G-protein coupled receptor 120 (GPR120 or FFAR4) functions as a receptor for free fatty acids and plays a critical role in lipid metabolism. Studies have shown a close relationship between GDM and lipid metabolism disorders, whether GPR120 participates in the metabolic regulation of GDM remains unclear. In this study, 29 women with GDM and 33 normal pregnant women were enrolled. Lipid profiles were determined by lipidomics, expression of GPR120 and FGF21 was measured in the white blood cells, and regulation of FGF21 by GPR120 was investigated in THP-1 cells as well as human peripheral blood monocytes. Lipidomics reveal altered lipid metabolism in patients with GDM. The expression of both GPR120 and FGF21 is significantly higher in the GDM than in the control at the 32nd and 37th weeks of pregnancy, but the differences disappear by the 2nd day post-delivery. Generally positive correlations are found between the total amount of lipids and expression levels of GPR120 and FGF21 in GDM patients. FGF21 expression is induced by GPR120 activation in THP-1 cells and WBCs. GPR120 may act as a metabolic regulator, through the induction of FGF21, to control lipid metabolism, and GDM patients may manifest a GPR120 insensitivity.