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Quality Requirements of Soft Red Winter Wheat for Making Northern-Style Chinese Steamed Bread

Ma Fengyun, Baik Byung-Kee
Cereal chemistry 2016 v.93 no.3 pp. 314-322
breads, dough, flour, gluten, glutenins, protein content, regression analysis, sodium dodecyl sulfate, soft red winter wheat, stress relaxation, viscosity
Flours of 19 soft red winter (SRW) wheat varieties having protein contents of 6.6–9.9% were used to determine the suitability of SRW wheat for making northern-style Chinese steamed bread (CSB) and the influences of flour characteristics on the quality attributes of CSB. Fourteen varieties produced CSB of acceptable to good quality with a total score greater than 70. Both protein content and dough strength-related parameters, including sodium dodecyl sulfate sedimentation (SDSS) volume, wet and dry gluten contents, and midline peak time (MPT), were significantly associated with the quality attributes of CSB. The rapid viscosity analyzer setback value exhibited significant negative correlations with specific volume, smoothness, crumb structure, and total score of CSB. Stepwise multiple regression analysis indicated that 89% of variability in total scores of CSB could be predicted from SDSS volume, wet gluten content, and MPT. Contributions of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits 7*+8 and 5+10 to flour characteristics, specific volume, stress relaxation score, and total score of CSB were greater than those of their counterpart allelic variations. Absence of the 1B/1R translocation in SRW wheat varieties was desirable for the production of CSB.