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Effects of high hydrostatic pressure and superfine grinding treatment on physicochemical/ functional properties of pear pomace and chemical composition of its soluble dietary fibre

Yan, Ling, Li, Tian, Liu, Changhong, Zheng, Lei
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2019 v.107 pp. 171-177
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, binding capacity, chemical structure, cholesterol, dietary fiber, functional foods, gas chromatography, grinding, high pressure treatment, ingredients, monosaccharides, pears, pomace
In this study, we evaluated the effects of high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) and superfine grinding treatment (SFGT) on the physicochemical and functional properties of pear pomace. By using Gas chromatography and Fourier transform infrared measurement, the structural properties and monosaccharides component of dietary fibre (DF) in pear pomace were analyzed. The results showed that both HHP and SFGT could increase the soluble dietary fibre (SDF) content and change the chemical structure and monosaccharide compositions of SDF, while HHP showed a better performance in improving the main functional characteristics such as water- and oil-holding capacity, swelling and cholesterol binding capacity. Moreover, HHP treatment could effectively improve the physicochemical/functional properties of pear pomace. This study demonstrated that the pear pomace treated by HHP could be a useful fibre-rich ingredient in developing functional foods.