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Effect of nano-SiO2 with different particle size on the hydration kinetics of cement

Meng, Tao, Hong, Yongpeng, Wei, Huadong, Xu, Qinglei
Thermochimica acta 2019 v.675 pp. 127-133
cement, heat production, models, nanomaterials, particle size, silica
Effect of nano-SiO2(NS) with the sizes of 15nm and 50nm on the hydration heat of cement mortar was measured and its behavior in the hydration kinetics of NS was analyzed based on the Krstulovic-Dabic model. Results showed that NS could improve the value and shorten the occurrence time of hydration exothermic peak. Moreover, NS was helpful to increase the hydration degree and hydration rate in nucleation and crystal growth (NG) stage, while it may shorten the duration time of phase boundary reaction (I) stage and decrease the hydration rate in diffusion reaction (D) stage. Compare to 50nm NS, 15nm NS accelerated hydration rate in early period more effectively, promoted hydration into D stage earlier and inhibited diffusion reaction in late period more obviously. A hydration model was proposed to interpret the difference in hydration process of cement with and without NS.