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Genetics of barley tiller and leaf development

Shaaf, Salar, Bretani, Gianluca, Biswas, Abhisek, Fontana, Irene Maria, Rossini, Laura
Journal of integrative plant biology 2019 v.61 no.3 pp. 226-256
barley, genes, genetic analysis, grain yield, hormones, ideotypes, leaf development, leaves, phenomics, phenotype, plant architecture, rice, tillering
In cereals, tillering and leaf development are key factors in the concept of crop ideotype, introduced in the 1960s to enhance crop yield, via manipulation of plant architecture. In the present review, we discuss advances in genetic analysis of barley shoot architecture, focusing on tillering, leaf size and angle. We also discuss novel phenotyping techniques, such as 2D and 3D imaging, that have been introduced in the era of phenomics, facilitating reliable trait measurement. We discuss the identification of genes and pathways that are involved in barley tillering and leaf development, highlighting key hormones involved in the control of plant architecture in barley and rice. Knowledge on genetic control of traits related to plant architecture provides useful resources for designing ideotypes for enhanced barley yield and performance.