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Hierarchical combination design of shaded-weave database for digital jacquard fabric

Zhang, Aidan, Zhou, Jiu
The journal of the Textile Institute 2019 v.110 no.3 pp. 405-411
color, databases, fabrics, weaving
Design methods for digital jacquard fabrics that employ equivalent increases or decreases in the number of weaving points in shaded-weave databases cannot display images with differing lightness effects. In this study, a design method for weave databases was proposed with a hierarchical combination based on the uniform segmentation of fabric lightness effects. A 16-end three-step sateen was used as the base weave for equivalent transition and hierarchical combination weave databases, which were used for the design of a single-layer black-and-white jacquard fabric. A comparative study of the simulative effects of fabric samples indicated that the shaded-weave database with a hierarchical combination design enabled adjustment of the colour rendering effect of the fabric. This approach improves the design flexibility and applicability of the database and provides a technical reference for further colour simulation and innovative colour design for digital jacquard fabrics.