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The effect of natural silk fibroin microparticles on the physical properties and drug release behavior of biomedical polyurethane filament

Zhuang, Yan, Wang, Han, Weng, Yaxue, Li, Meichen, Zhou, Yingshan, Gu, Shaojin, Xu, Weilin, Yang, Hongjun
The journal of the Textile Institute 2019 v.110 no.3 pp. 396-404
fabrics, fibroins, illicit drugs, manufacturing, mechanical properties, microparticles, polyurethanes, rheological properties, silk, spectroscopy, spinning
In this study, filaments comprising natural silk fibroin microparticles (NSFP) and biomedical polyurethane (BPU) were prepared via wet-spinning as a reusable-controlled drug-delivery system. The rheological properties of the spinning solution were studied to examine the effect of NSFP on the BPU/NSFP filament formation. The influences of NSFP content and spinning conditions on the morphology, molecular interactions, mechanical properties, and swelling performance of BPU/NSFP filaments were also investigated. The morphology and mechanical property studies showed that NSPF and BPU exhibit good compatibility. The capacity of the BPU/NSFP filaments as drug loading carriers and drug release behavior were studied by spectroscopy. The presence of NSFP in the drug controlled system increase the drug loading amount and enhance the drug release time. This paper presents a well-designed manufacturing method for preparing BPU/NSFP filaments with good controlled drug delivery.