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Effect of gauge length on loop strength of sewing threads

Midha, Vinay Kumar, Gupta, Ashish Kumar, Mukhopadhyay, A.
The journal of the Textile Institute 2019 v.110 no.3 pp. 445-450
cotton, fabrics, mercerization, polyesters, prediction, sewing, tensile strength
Seam strength prediction using loop strength has been found to be more accurate and has been consistently used by researchers over last few decades. But the testing gauge length for loop strength has not been standardized as in the case of thread tensile strength. In this paper, effect of gauge length on thread tensile strength and elongation in loop form and straight form has been studied. 40 tex and 60 tex mercerized cotton and spun polyester threads are used for the study. It is observed that there is no significant change in the loop strength of the threads as the gauge length increases, whereas the tensile strength of all threads decreases with the increase in gauge length. Elongation % is found to change significantly in both loop and straight form during tensile testing. Therefore, it is concluded that loop strength tests can be carried out at any gauge length unlike tensile testing of straight threads.