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A review of application of amine-terminated dendritic materials in textile engineering

Akbari, Somaye, Kozłowski, Ryszard Michal
The journal of the Textile Institute 2019 v.110 no.3 pp. 460-467
antimicrobial properties, dendrimers, drugs, engineering, fabrics, imines, polyethylene, polypropylenes, wastewater treatment
Over the last decade, dendritic structures including hyperbranched polymers, dendrigrafts, dendrons, and dendrimers due to their distinct structural design such as highly branched structure and a large number of reactive end groups have received considerable attention. Among various kind of dendrimer, particularly amine-terminated dendritic materials like polyamidoamine (PAMAM), polypropylene imine (PPI), and polyethylene imine (PEI) have been introduced as the potential candidates in a wide range of areas, particularly in the field of textiles engineering. Hence, this review provides an introduction of amine-terminated dendritic polymers and new potential applications of them in textiles engineering such as improvement of dyeability, salt-free dyeability, antimicrobial activity, long-lasting fragrant fabric, anti-ultraviolet property, drug delivery through fabric, flame retardancy, and wastewater treatment. Regarding the complex synthesis of dendrimers which makes them expensive products, application of amine-terminated hyperbranched polymers provides affordable dendritic polymers to create novel features.