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Growth and yield of lowland rice as affected by integrated nutrient management and cultivation method under alternate wetting and drying water regime

Ullah, Hayat, Datta, Avishek, Samim, Noor Ahmad, Ud Din, Siraj
Journal of plant nutrition 2019 v.42 no.6 pp. 580-594
animal manures, direct seeding, drying, grain yield, irrigation, nutrient management, panicles, rice, roots, shoots
The effects of integrated nutrient management, cultivation method, and variety on root and shoot growth, grain yield and its components of lowland rice under alternate wetting and drying (AWD) irrigation were evaluated. Treatments included were three varieties (Pathumthani 1, RD57, and RD41), three cultivation methods [dry direct seeding, wet direct seeding, and transplanting], and three nutrient combinations [100% NPK (160 kg ha⁻¹), 50% NPK (80 kg ha⁻¹) + 50% FYM (5 t ha⁻¹), and 100% FYM (10 t ha⁻¹)] under AWD. Root dry matter of RD41 and RD57 was reduced by 12–25% at the 100% NPK and 100% FYM compared with the 50% NPK + 50% FYM. Panicle number, panicle length, and 1000-grain weight were higher at the 50% NPK + 50% FYM. Application of the 50% NPK + 50% FYM could be a feasible option under AWD irrigation; however, benefits may vary with varieties and cultivation methods.