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Thermal Emitting Strategy to Synthesize Atomically Dispersed Pt Metal Sites from Bulk Pt Metal

Qu, Yunteng, Chen, Bingxu, Li, Zhijun, Duan, Xuezhi, Wang, Liguang, Lin, Yue, Yuan, Tongwei, Zhou, Fangyao, Hu, Yidong, Yang, Zhengkun, Zhao, Changming, Wang, Jing, Zhao, Chao, Hu, Yanmin, Wu, Geng, Zhang, Qinghua, Xu, Qian, Liu, Bingyao, Gao, Peng, You, Rui, Huang, Weixin, Zheng, Lirong, Gu, Lin, Wu, Yuen, Li, Yadong
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2019 v.141 no.11 pp. 4505-4509
ammonia, catalysts, dicyandiamide, electrochemistry, gold, graphene, hydrogen production, oxidation, palladium, platinum, pyrolysis
Developing a facile route to access active and well-defined single atom sites catalysts has been a major area of focus for single atoms catalysts (SACs). Herein, we demonstrate a simple approach to generate atomically dispersed platinum via a thermal emitting method using bulk Pt metal as a precursor, significantly simplifying synthesis routes and minimizing synthesis costs. The ammonia produced by pyrolysis of Dicyandiamide can coordinate with platinum atoms by strong coordination effect. Then, the volatile Pt(NH₃)ₓ can be anchored onto the surface of defective graphene. The as-prepared Pt SAs/DG exhibits high activity for the electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction and selective oxidation of various organosilanes. This viable thermal emitting strategy can also be applied to other single metal atoms, for example, gold and palladium. Our findings provide an enabling and versatile platform for facile accessing SACs toward many industrial important reactions.